Insulation mattresses

TEMKET insulation mattresses are manufactured from  specially developed heat resistant Temtex™ glass fibres. They are applied to hot installations and various technical applications, such as: gas turbines, fittings, valves and other equipment.

Our insulation matresses are also suitable for larger equipment. For example larger turbines and technological equipment.

TEMKET insulation mattresses :

  •  Insulate hot surfaces, minimize heat loss and save energy
  •  Protect operators from burns and provide a comfortable working environment
  •  Protect valuable equipment against mechnical damage
  •  Simplify operation and maintenance of equipment
  •  Reduce noise
  •  Are cleanable and reusable
  •  Are resistant to many chemicals and oil products

Composition of insulation mattresses

TEMKET insulation mattresses are always manufactured according to specifications provided. It is possible to produce mattresses in all shapes and forms with a temperature resistance of up to 1050°C.

  •  Standard insulation mattresses consist of 40 to 60mm of mineral wool. The mineral wool is enclosed on two sides by glass fibre coated with silicone of polyurethane.
  •  Based on your exact specifications we use a suitable thermal insulation material.
  •  We also supply anti-statical insulation mattresses

Our product range

  •  TEMKET insulation mattress “A” – suitable for surface temperatures up to 150°C
  •  TEMKET insulation mattress “B” – suitable for surface temperatures up to 210°C
  •  TEMKET insulation mattress “C” – suitable for surface temperatures up to 280°C
  •  TEMKET insulation mattress “CM” – suitable for surface temperatures up to 1050°C

Applications for insulation mattresses

  •  Industry – pipes, fittings and flanges, valves, filters, pumps and equipment
  •  Oil & Gas – fittings, valves, flanges and equipment
  •  Electricity production – turbines, manifolds, turbos, flanges and expansion joints