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Temket Insulation mattresses

Specially developed product line for use in various buildings. The standard for insulating boiler rooms in offices, schools, swimming pools, sports clubs, wholesalers, distribution centers, saunas and all kinds of other places.

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Discover the Temket Universal Line

for Fittings

for Fittings

All types of fittings and flanges.
for Pumps

for Pumps

Mattresses with an extra wide opening.
for Pipes

for Pipes

Specially for uninsulated pipe sections.

TEMKET insulation mattresses

TEMKET  is the brand name for removable, reusable insulation mattresses. A complete line of insulation mattresses made of high-quality, heat-resistant Temtex® glass fabrics.

TEMKET benefits

  • Insulate warm surfaces

  • Save money and energy

  • Easy to install

  • Universal solution

  • Protect people and devices

  • Cleanable and reusable


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