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Temket universal line

The standard for insulation mattresses in the utility sector.

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for Fittings

for Fittings

All types of fittings and flanges.
for Pumps

for Pumps

Mattresses with an extra wide opening.
for Pipes

for Pipes

Specially for uninsulated pipe sections.


Now available for you!

Temati has been supplying high-quality insulation protection to industrial customers since 1962. In our own mattress factory, we have developed insulation mattresses that meet the high requirements that apply in heavy industry.

We have adapted these insulation mattresses – sold under the brand name TEMKET – for you! Especially for office buildings, swimming pools, sports clubs, saunas, shops, wholesalers, schools, data centers, and countless locations that we have not yet thought of.

Installing installation mattresses yourself saves considerable costs. This greatly shortens the payback time. Would you rather have it carried out? We would be happy to put you in touch with a specialist.


Temket insulation mattresses are made from specially developed heat-resistant Temtex™ glass fabrics. The Temket Universal Line comes in standard sizes and is suitable for use in utility boiler rooms.

Insulation mattresses in the Temket Universal Line are suitable for temperatures up to 150°C, more than sufficient for all non (heavy) industrial applications. For industrial applications we supply high-quality tailor-made solutions!

Custom made insulation mattresses

For (heavy) industrial applications, insulation mattresses are always manufactured according to the supplied specifications. In our workshop we can produce insulation mattresses in any shape and size, with a temperature resistance of up to 1050°C

  •  We use a suitable thermal insulation material based on your specific requirements.
  • We also supply anti-static insulation mattresses.