Insulation mattress for flange Medium (D1)

 78,65 incl. 21% BTW/VAT

Universal insulation mattress for flanges and compensators.
Suitable for sizes up to DN100 (check sizes below to confirm suitability).

a) Max. uninsulated length: 240mm (pipe + flange/compensator)
b) Maximum diameter: 200mm

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Insulation mattress for flange medium (type D1) is suitable for flanges and compensators.

Insulation mattresses for flanges can be combined with mattresses for pipes. As a result, an uninsulated length (a) of more than 240mm can still be easily insulated. In addition to Type D1, we also supply Type D2 for larger flanges/compensators.

a) Max. uninsulated length: 240mm (pipe and flange/compensator)
b) Maximum diameter: 220mm

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